Man vs. Potting Bench

Every garden needs a home base – a place to go for your basic tools, pots, soil, etc.  I needed a potting bench.  I have been using our patio table up until now and it simply was getting too messy or simply inconvenient to work at.  There are many options for buying potting benches online, but I really didn’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on a bench that I knew was going to be used and abused.  This means I would have to build it myself.  The good news is that I could build into it everything I could want.  The bad news is that I really don’t have a lot of experience building anything more complex than a box, so I started researching potting bench plans online.  I was happy to easily find some sites with detailed plans and videos.

Can’t do better than starting with This Old House.

Family Handyman was a great possibility too.

Ultimately I found, which seemed to have the best step by step plans and a simple design which hit all of my needs.  The plan looked something like this:


I liked that the construction seemed straight forward enough for someone of my skill level and I liked that the frame seemed very sturdy with 2x4s.  What I didn’t like is that it wasn’t wide enough for my needs and 2×4 boards for the suface seemed like overkill.  I also decided against the need for any special modifications which would make the construction harder.  Yes, drawers for tools and a potting bowl built in would have been nice, but it’s just frankly not needed.  Ultimately I widened the bench.  Modified the shelves a bit and used 1×6 for the main work surfaces.  Materials cost about $120.

A little wood filler and paint later – and it’s time to get planting!


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  1. Congratulations for the project! I love the modifications you made to the plans and I think the potting bench looks amazing on white! I am going to feature your project on the site. I hope you don’t mind.

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